The manifold experiences, but above all the high reputation and recognition each member of our team has earned for himself in positions of excellence, be it in public office or in private business, form our key-competence. While discharging these responsibilities we have been able to build comprehensive and reliable personal networks - in the political realm, in public administration, in business and in corresponding associations. Hence our particular strength: solving issues and problems at the interface between state and economy.

On this basis, we offer the following services:

Comprehensive professional services to and from the growth markets of South Asia, especially India, the Near and Middle East.

Economic, legal and political advice and support relating to:

  • initiation and intensification of contacts particularly to decision makers in the political and economic fields

  • identification and validation of suitable and trustworthy business and joint venture partners

  • the development of successful models and strategies for economic cooperation from market entry to marketing, from trade to the formation of the own subsidiary, as well as from joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions

  • the acquisition of public and private contracts and the successful participation in tenders

  • legal and taxation issues

  • financing issues

  • the acquisition of property

  • the objective driven flanking lobbying in politics and public administration

  • the identification and development of human resources